20 Best Mini Microwave for Small Kitchens Reviews 2022

Microwaves are essential appliances that can be useful in any kitchen. Suppose you live in a small apartment or have limited space.

In that case, you should consider a small microwave instead of a full-sized one because large microwave ovens are bulky, take up too much countertop space, and need to be stored in a cabinet out of the way on your countertop when not in use.

Maybe you’ve decided that microwaves are just too big. Maybe your kitchen is so small and cramped that you’re wondering how a standard microwave could even fit on your countertop. What is the answer, then? Mini microwave oven could be the answer. 



Product Name




Toshiba Mini Microwave Oven with LED Lighting


Farberware Classic Small Microwave Oven With Brushed Stainless Steel


Toshiba Smallest Microwave Oven


Ninja Digital Air Fryer Countertop Mini Oven


Amazon Basics Small Microwave 0.7 Cu with Alexa


Farberware Classic Compact Microwave Oven 700-Watt


Small Galanz Retro Countertop Microwave Oven


Commercial Chef Countertop Microwave with Stainless Steel


Galanz Retro Mini Microwave Oven with LED Lighting


Black Commercial Chef Small Countertop Microwave Oven (0.6 Cu)

People live in smaller, more compact spaces these days than they did thirty or forty years ago. This has led to the rise of convenient microwaves as they offer easy convenience for an individual. Some colleges require their students who live in dorm rooms to have a small microwave oven since it’s the only way many of these individuals can provide themselves with an actual hot meal. 

Whether you’re looking for a personal, compact microwave for a small dorm room, a simple countertop microwave for your kitchen or something more functional, here in this article, we have reviewed the 20 best smallest microwaves ovens that will fit into any compact kitchen or tiny dorm room. 

Why to Choose Small Microwave Oven:

Due to the following reasons you should choose mini microwave oven.

Space Saving:

Microwave ovens have been a basic need for us for several years now. They are useful for many things, and you can use them to heat food for a quick dinner, heat some coffee, do some cooking and a lot more.

The best microwave ovens are the ones that are portable and can be moved around. This makes it perfect for all small-size spaces, including your small apartment kitchen, workplace, and travel too. These microwaves are never less than those giant microwaves, except that the mini microwaves are not as quick as the giant ones.

Save Money With Small Microwave Oven:

Before you purchase a large microwave for your home, you may have heard that a large microwave costs $150 to $300. However, if you were to opt for a portable microwave instead, it would cost only $40 to $100. This means that if you were to save over half of the money on one specific product in your home and switch to a portable model, it would be an incredibly smart move.

Easy to Clean:

The smaller the microwave, the easier it is to clean. Most mini microwaves have a turntable that’s easy to remove. You can take the turntable out and give it a good rinse in the sink if there’s anything left over after using your microwave oven. The interior is another convenient place to wipe down with a soft, damp cloth. Don’t forget to make sure everything sparkles.

Toshiba Mini Microwave Oven with LED Lighting:

Microwave ovens from Toshiba are elegant, well-designed and highly technological. Its sleek, compact design makes it ideal for any kitchen. Six popular foods, including popcorn, pizza, potato, and more, are pre-programmed.

By eliminating the need to program the timer every time you use it, the One-Touch Start feature makes your life easier for those who want to cook for 1 to 6 minutes at full power. The easy Clean interior with a removable glass turntable for easy cleaning is designed for user convenience. This microwave does not come with an external venting system. 

Toshiba Microwave Oven with LED Lighting is your ultimate kitchen companion. With 10 power settings and a large, easy-to-read display, this microwave oven makes every meal an enjoyable experience. It comes with multiple safety features that keep your family safe from burns and scalds.

With a child safety lock, you can ensure that your little ones are protected from any potential hazards. In addition, the sound on/off button allows you to enjoy peace of mind while cooking.

The new small Toshiba Microwave oven brings a whole new level of convenience, control and cooking experience to your kitchen. This is the first microwave with an end-cooking alert & beep sound option that lets you decide when to turn off the alert and beep sound.

Toshiba microwave oven automatically monitors power consumption and switches to ECO mode when no heating or cooking is required. This not only saves you energy costs but also helps protect the environment.

  • Quick Minute Start
  • Child Lock Feature
  • Auto Cook
  • Easy Clean Turntable
  • User Friendly Display
  • Some times it can be a little noisy

Farberware Classic Small Microwave Oven With Brushed Stainless Steel:

Farberware Classic Small Microwave Oven is the perfect microwave for a small apartment, college dorm or office. You can always enjoy a freshly prepared meal no matter where you are. It has 700 Watts of output power, and it has a convenient 1-6 minute timer. Express cooking plus 30 sec Button that automatically adds 30 seconds to whatever time is needed.

This Microwave Oven is designed to help make your kitchen tasks easier. Featuring 10 power settings with multistage cooking, it can also cook popcorn, potatoes, and pizza with one touch of a button.

Farberware microwave oven defrosts by weight or by time settings offering fully customizable options when cooking. In addition to the LCD display, it features an LED interior light that allows you to keep an eye on cooking without opening the door, as well as a kitchen timer and clock for keeping track of time.

This Mini microwave oven comes with a turntable that rotates 360 degrees for uniform heating. The LCD panel provides easy-to-read functions, while the child safety lock feature ensures safe operation.

This classic microwave is the perfect size for a small apartment and is stylish. The stainless steel finish looks great in kitchens, and it has a turntable so you can easily rotate your food while heating it. The buttons are easy to read and operate, so you can easily get the results you want.

  • Compact, powerful and easy to use
  • No matter where you are, you can always enjoy a freshly prepared meal
  • A kitchen timer, clock, and an LCD display are included
  • Child safety locks ensure safe operation
  • Cooking voice is a little loud

Toshiba Smallest Microwave Oven:

The Toshiba smallest microwave oven is a must-have for your kitchen. It features a stylish design with a Black Stainless Steel finish and a timeless look that easily matches any kitchen style. Among the features of this device are bright LED cavity lighting, a glass turntable, energy-saving ECO mode, mute button, clock, and kitchen timer.

It has a compact size and easy-to-read display, so it is ideal for small kitchens. You can cook in the oven with ease by selecting the Auto Cook Menu and choosing the recipe of your choice. In addition, you will never have to worry about overcooking your food again.

Because with Toshiba’s smallest microwave oven, you get intuitive control and the most advanced technology and transparent window gives you a clear view of the food and makes sure that you don’t burn it.

The easy-to-use dial has 4 preset menus for quick-cooking popular foods like pizza, rice, soup and veggies. Toshiba’s small microwave oven is a great fit for your countertop. Small and sleek, it allows you to reheat your favorite meals or prepare small food. The price is right, and the appearance is nice.

  • Sleek and vibrant appearance that can match any kitchen style
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • The price is right and the appearance is nice
  • Heat a little slower than normal microwave oven

Ninja Digital Air Fryer Countertop Mini Oven: 

The Ninja Mini Air Fryer with auto IQ is the first countertop air fryer that combines precision temperature control and intelligent technology for ultimate versatility and optimum cooking performance. Air frying is a revolutionary way to cook crispy, restaurant-quality food right in your home with 80% less fat than deep-frying. 

Ninja Air Fryer is a digital countertop air fryer with a unique design and smart features to cook healthier and faster. This 2-in-1 kitchen appliance performs two cooking functions: air fryer and convection roast in one compact device.

With its many preset options, it can help you cook delicious fried foods with up to 75% less fat or healthy roasts with little to no oil. It is designed to fit any lifestyle whether you like to cook for your family or entertain friends, it makes preparing meals quick and easy.

This Air Fryer with Auto-Sensors is the Perfect Small Size Countertop Oven. Automatic sensors allow you to select from 3 preset cooking modes. It also comes with a 60-minute timer for precision cooking.

Ninja Cooking System circulates hot air for even baking or roasting results every time, while its fan forces extra heat downward to ensure that all food cooks faster and more evenly. It cooks food quickly, is easy to clean and can be placed on your countertop.

  • New way to cook with 80% less fat
  • Precise temperature control with auto IQ
  • 2 in 1 kitchen appliance that roasts and air fries
  • Simply set and forget with pre-programmed settings
  • Built-in technology that allows for easy monitoring
  • Automatic shut off and cool touch handles
  • It is a little heavier and take a little extra space

Amazon Basics Small Microwave 0.7 Cu with Alexa:

Amazon Basics Mini Microwave will become your kitchen companion, helping you cook delicious food with the press of a button. With Alexa-enabled voice control, this Microwave makes cooking quicker, easier, and more convenient. Being compact, it can be placed anywhere in the kitchen and takes up little space. 

The Amazon Basics Microwave is a very responsive product. It has an inbuilt Alexa smart assistant to reheat food and set the timer using your voice. All you need to do is say what you want to cook, such as “Alexa, microwave one cup of tea for 2 minutes” or “Alexa, defrost vegetables for three minutes”, and Alexa will perform the said function accordingly. You can also control the Microwave from across the room by saying, “Alexa, start cooking chicken soup.”

Microwave ovens have evolved over the years but have become more costly. This small Microwave is the perfect combination of performance features, quality and price. This Microwave has a 0.7 cu. ft. capacity, making it perfect for snacks and small meals.

The unit is compact enough to fit in most kitchens and conveniently stores away when not in use. With 1000 Watts of power, the Microwave heats food quickly and evenly and is simple to use with one-touch buttons.

  • New generation of microwaves
  • Alexa-enabled voice control
  • Highly responsive product
  • Quick, easy, and convenient
  • Compact, space-saving
  • Cooks healthier food
  • Facing some issues with Alexa

Farberware Classic Compact Microwave Oven 700-Watt:

Microwaves are a great addition to any kitchen. The Farberware Classic 700-Watt Compact Microwave Oven is a great choice. The sleek stainless steel design looks great on any countertop and comes with easy to use controls.

Six programs on this microwave automatically cook six of the most popular foods, including popcorn, pizza, potatoes, beverages, frozen vegetables and soup. Power levels range up to 700 watts, and it comes with a clock and countdown timer displayed on a large digital screen. This small Microwave delivers exceptional performance and style at an affordable price. 

It includes multiple express cooking options to cook, defrost and warm leftovers quickly fully. One of the express cooking buttons on the small Microwave can be touched to activate it for one to six minutes at full power. With a compact design and simple control panel, the Microwave can be mounted under your cabinets for added counter space.

  • Quick and convenient way to cook meals, snacks and leftovers.
  • 10 power levels with 700 watts of power.
  • Compact design features a premium quality stainless steel finish.
  • Easy to use control panel with LCD screen.
  • Great for small kitchens, dorm rooms, offices and RVs.
  • Doors are a little hard to open

Small Galanz Retro Countertop Microwave Oven:

No more frozen dinners with the Galanz Small Retro Countertop Microwave Oven’s 7 Auto Cook and 10 Auto Reheat Programs. You can now enjoy delicious hot meals at the push of a button, whether it’s chicken, fish or beef, your favorite snacks or desserts like cakes & brownies.

With its retro design, this model features a large turntable for better air circulation & more even heating; Auto cooking programs will simplify your meal preparation by automatically selecting time & power level based on food weight. 

This small microwave oven doesn’t sacrifice performance – it heats up to 30% faster than conventional microwaves. The compact design will take up less countertop space so that a mini oven can be placed anywhere in your kitchen.

The compact size is perfect for apartments, kitchenettes, dorms, and other small-space kitchens. Includes a 12.4″ glass turntable that rotates 360 degrees for even and efficient cooking.

  • Cooks food up to 30% faster than conventional microwaves
  • Conveniently cooks with the touch of a button
  • Digital display and clock
  • Minute minder so you’ll never forget
  • Quiet, compact, and space-saving
  • Easy to clean with a removable glass turntable
  • Difficult to use because of a lot functionalities

Commercial Chef Countertop Microwave with Stainless Steel:

Cook at high temperatures with great versatility with the Commercial Chef Countertop Microwave with Stainless Steel’s 10 power levels. There are six convenient quick cook settings, including popcorn, baked potato, pizza, beverage, reheat, and frozen dinner. The unit is perfect for small spaces, including break rooms, office kitchens or any foodservice operation that needs a microwave. 

This state-of-the-art microwave oven is the height of innovation, design, and convenience. This model has a 700-watt cooking power glass dish and a LED display that can also serve as a kitchen timer. You can protect your children with the child lock feature. The Commercial Chef Countertop Microwave is easy to use and install; just plug it in and start using it.

An easy-to-read digital display and 10 power levels make it simple to heat or defrost your food precisely. With a capacity of 0.9 cubic feet, this unit is perfect for heating meals and snacks, giving you a healthy option in the kitchen.

The Commercial Chef Countertop Microwave with Stainless Steel is perfect for any restaurant or cafeteria. This countertop microwave offers a large capacity that allows you to cook in bulk to save time and energy. It also has an adjustable glass turntable, tray-style shelf and a child lock.

  • Portable and compact
  • Stainless steel
  • Also works as a kitchen timer
  • Power of 700 watts
  • 10 cooking power level
  • The display is dim

Galanz Retro Mini Microwave Oven with LED Lighting:

Galanz Retro Mini Microwave Oven with LED Lighting is a compact microwave oven placed on the countertop. It has six power levels for different heating needs. The defrost and weight defrost are simple to set. This microwave oven reaches the desired temperatures quickly.

It is small in size and has a modern look to enhance your kitchen decor. The microwave oven with a lighting pull handles compact design with powerful cooking performance. This is the best option for your home to cook a quick meal within minutes. And it will be an ideal gift for family, friends or coworkers on any occasion like a housewarming party, wedding, birthday parties etc. 

The Retro mini microwave has a sleek, round design perfect for small kitchens or apartments, with a modern glass turntable and interior light that complements any decor. Microwave cooks frozen food, baked potatoes, and more in a 1.5-cubic-foot capacity microwave with 900 watts of power.

  • It’s very small, but it has all the power of a standard microwave oven.
  • It heats up any food in minutes.
  • Clean-up is very easy with this product.
  • It heat food a little quicker

Black Commercial Chef Small Countertop Microwave Oven (0.6 Cu):

Stylish and versatile, the Black Commercial Chef Countertop Small Microwave Oven is perfect for preparing snacks, heating leftovers, and preparing meals. For compact strength and durability, this microwave has a black front display and cabinet. The rotary microwave also has an easy-to-use grip-type handle for opening and closing it. 

This microwave oven is easy to clean, making it a snap to keep your kitchen neat. This microwave is the perfect addition to any home with its durable construction and simple design. The dimensions of this product are 6 inches in width, 18.5 inches in length and 12 inches in height. This small countertop microwave has a 700-watt cooking power, enough to cook most foods in less time. 

The Commercial Chef Countertop Small Microwave Oven is perfect for small families or couples. It’s the ideal microwave oven to have in the kitchen of your home, dorm room or office. It has a compact design that fits any countertop and can be stored almost anywhere.

  • The rotary type is perfect for countertop use
  • Compatible with all kinds of food
  • User-friendly control panel
  • 700 watts of power
  • We faced issues with turntable it is lagging

Winia Retro Smallest Microwave 0.7 Cu:

Winia’s Retro Small Microwave was beautifully designed to fit any kitchen, whether traditional or contemporary. The retro aesthetic is a classic style that can be used in any setting and match almost any decor.

With its large turntable and high-performance heating, the Retro Microwave is a great addition to any kitchen. If you decide to place your microwave somewhere, it doesn’t have cabinet space above, no problem. The Retro Microwave has a built-in top handle, making it easy to carry and move wherever you need it.

Winia Retro mini Microwave saves you the time and mess of manually rotating bulky dishes during cooking. With a 360 degree turntable, you can cook food evenly and thoroughly by simply rotating your dish on the turntable. 

Take fresh vegetables from the fridge to the table in just three minutes or pop a frozen pizza in for 1 minute. Perfectly cook a whole chicken in less than 30 minutes and program your favorite recipes into the auto cook menus with ease.

  • Extremely Compact
  • Beautifully Designed
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Clean
  • Sturdy
  • Affordable
  • Power decrease after some time

COMFEE’ Countertop Microwave Oven: 

Cooking has never been this easy. Whether you are a professional cook or just starting in the kitchen, COMFEE’ Countertop Microwave Oven is an ideal solution for your cooking needs. Just add delicious ingredients and leave the rest to COMFEE’. Its multiple settings will allow you to prepare various dishes with ease without compromising on taste. It is effortless, safe, and saves time and money. 

The large 10″ glass turntable allows fast and easy rotation of large dishes and trays. You can cook large pieces of meat or roast a turkey without rotating them manually. It is a microwave oven with a digital display. This countertop microwave oven comes with a 10-inch glass turntable, interior light, 1-year limited warranty, easy-to-read control panel, energy-saving eco mode and bright digital display. 

With the Eco Mode on, the Comfee microwave reduces standby power by 50%, making it an energy-efficient microwave.

  • Cook delicious food for your family and friends with just the touch of a button
  • Cook food with less oil, salt, and pepper
  • Cook food fast and easy
  • Five different cooking settings: vegetable, potato, meat, soup and reheating
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • One year limited warranty
  • The motor is a little loud

BLACK+DECKER Digital Microwave Oven with Turntable:

BLACK+DECKER’s Digital Microwave Oven with Auto-Popcorn Button allows you to enjoy fresh and delicious popcorn directly from your microwave. It is a wonderful solution for cooking food that needs the help of a microwave oven. With this innovative and versatile appliance, you can pop, heat, prepare, or cook everything in minutes.

The turntable makes it easy to prepare meals for the whole family. This microwave oven comes with a large LED digital display that helps you monitor your progress through various features like preset buttons and timer options.

It has ten power levels, a clock, a kitchen timer, a thirty second timer, and auto warm-up. It can be programmed to cook your favorite snacks or reheat leftovers. It also features a removable glass turntable that rotates 360°, evenly cooked food.

It has a capacity of 1.4 Cu.  with this microwave oven, you can utilize the Delay Cook feature to program up to 24 hours in advance. It automatically starts cooking at a specific time. If you are not home, you need not worry as the appliance will switch to Keep Warm mode when not attended after two minutes.

  • 10 power levels.
  • 30 seconds express cooking.
  • Automatically keep warm.
  • Cook food evenly with a 360° glass turntable.
  • We are facing issues with food reheating

Black COMFEE’ Countertop Small Microwave Oven:

Countertop Small Microwave Oven offers you the best cooking experience with compact size, stylish design, and advanced technology. This mini microwave oven can help you prepare various dishes in the shortest time possible, using only one-touch button settings. It has all the functions you need, and it’s easy to use.

This compact and stylish countertop mini microwave oven comes with an anti-fingerprint stainless steel finish. It features 11 power levels, reheat, one-touch express cooking and auto cook functions. Besides cooking convenience, the innovative safety features on this countertop microwave oven include a child safety lock, easy to use settings and clock with a kitchen timer, mute function and auto shut off.

It has a unique design that looks fashionable and clean in your kitchen. When the microwave oven is not in use, it automatically switches to ECO mode, which reduces standby power by 50%. When you are busy and can’t be at home, this product can help you keep warm or reheat your food regularly.

  • Enjoy great cooking experience with its advanced technology
  • Small and compact, it can be placed anywhere
  • Available at a very affordable price
  • This microwave oven is very easy to use
  • Inside coating issues detected

Smallest Commercial Chef Countertop Microwave:

This countertop microwave is the smallest in its class. It features sensors that automatically adjust time and power levels for perfect results with less monitoring. That means no more overcooked or undercooked meals.

This microwave oven is a great choice for small kitchens and dorm rooms. In addition to convenient features, this microwave doesn’t take up too much counter space. Your kitchen appliances will complement this stainless steel exterior, or add an eye-catching piece with this stylish unit.

The built-in One Touch Cooking Menu does cooking simply by letting you choose from 4 quick cooking options: Popcorn, Potato, Pizza, Beverage, Reheat and Frozen Food. Just select the desired food category, then touch the corresponding button, and your food will be cooked in no time.

This countertop smallest microwave is the perfect addition to any kitchen with its 700W power. The 0.7 cubic feet interior easily accommodates snacks, leftovers and large plates. The push-button door control includes a child safety lock that provides a flat-front surface for easy opening and stays closed when not in use.

  • 700 Watts
  • 0.7 cubic foot interior
  • Stainless Steel Exterior
  • Autosense Cooking
  • Dial and Keypad Controls
  • Child Lock
  • Issues with button sometime it is not working properly

Panasonic Small Toaster Oven with Double Infrared Heating: 

Panasonic’s compact toaster oven toasts, bakes, and browns delicious food just like a standard full-size oven. It features both convection and infrared heating for amazing results every time. Plus, our exclusive One-Touch Controls make it easy for you to prepare your food to perfection.

The FlashXpress toaster oven by Panasonic is the perfect kitchen companion. The large, compact design fits anywhere, and the timer and manual temperature control offer perfect baking, roasting, broiling, or toasting every time.

This small toaster oven is made for a large family or small household. Six preset cooking modes, including toast, bake, broil, brown, and more, make getting the perfect results easy. And there are no preheating hassles; you get perfectly cooked results every time with the front- and back-mounted infrared heating elements.

  • Conveniently sized for a large family or small household.
  • Unique manual temperature control
  • Front and back infrared heating elements
  • Quickly and easily clean up with the removable crumb tray
  • Perfect for reheating pizza, melting chocolate or cooking frozen dinners.
  • No issue detected

Nostalgia Retro Countertop Microwave Oven:

Nostalgia brings the fun back into cooking with this retro countertop microwave oven that’s perfect for dorm rooms, apartments and offices. Its compact size makes it easy to store, while its 700-watts of power heat foods quickly.

The convenient settings make it simple to cook various foods, including popcorn, pizza and vegetables. The 12 pre-programmed settings include express cooking options for heating leftovers or melting butter. The digital clock makes it easy to see when food will be ready without opening the door.

This Nostalgia Countertop Microwave Oven combines the retro look of yesteryear with modern technology. With features like the rotating glass carousel, which helps food cook evenly, this microwave provides even and simple cooking for your favorite foods. Its chrome door handle and control panel give it a retro look, while the simple program dial makes it easy to operate the appliance.

The compact size makes storage easy, but you still get plenty of capacity with 1.1 cubic feet of space inside. It’s a must-have appliance for any kitchen.

  • A retro-style look
  • Rotating glass carousel
  • 700 watts of power
  • 12 pre-programmed settings
  • Digital clock
  • Even cooking
  • The product is a little complicated to use

Farberware Professional Mini Microwave Oven With Smart Sensor:

Farberware mini microwave ovens have been the go-to appliance for delicious and quick-cooking since 1900. We’ve taken things up a notch with our new Farberware Professional Mini Microwave Oven.

This countertop microwave oven boasts 1100 Watts of power, 7 pre-programmed cooking options, 10 power levels, and 3 Auto Defrost settings to give you precise control over every aspect of your cooking.

The Farberware countertop microwave utilizes SMART SENSOR technology, which monitors the temperature and the amount of steam from the food, in order to determine how long the food should continue to heat.

It is the perfect size for cooking small meals and snacks. It’s also great for reheating your leftovers or melting butter, chocolate, or cheese in minutes to whip up a quick meal. Featuring 1000 watts of power and ten power settings, you can cook every dish easily and quickly.

  • Any room, any device, controlled from anywhere
  • Use the app to control your microwave oven from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Takes up little space on your countertop
  • Perfect for apartments, condos, dorm rooms, and RVs
  • Plastic on keyboard bubbled

COMFEE’ Retro Microwave with Multi-stage Cooking:

COMFEE retro microwave is an innovative and thoughtful design of modern kitchen appliances. Its streamlined shape in soft apricot color fits all types of kitchen styles and adds to the delight of your house. It can conveniently cope with your daily cooking needs and even save you money thanks to the new smart energy-saving mode that adjusts power levels automatically for every program. 

Retro Microwave Oven is the best combination of technology and retro design microwave oven you can find in the market today. It’ll be the apple of your eye because this beauty steals the show when it comes to looking good.

The amazing aqua blue LED light surrounding the clock display is brilliant and will surely impress your guests. COFFEE’s Microwave Oven will not take up much space since it was designed to have a slim body (11.5 inches) and a minimalistic design.

  • It’s a retro design with a unique LED light surrounding the clock display.
  • Sleek and slim body that takes minimalistic design.
  • Available in 600W and 750W.
  • Aqua blue LED light
  • Very high radiations

Mini COMFEE’ Countertop Microwave:

Mini compact countertop microwave oven with 700 watts of power and 11 power levels for multidimensional cooking control, which calculates the cooking times automatically. The mute function, settings, clock and kitchen timer let you adjust or check settings without making noise.

A child safety lock ensures that children are kept safe from accidental operation. The one-touch express cooking function reduces total cooking time by as much as 70% while helping food retain its original flavor and texture.

Mini COMFEE’ Countertop Microwave Oven boasts a compact design and unmatched features that make it the perfect addition to your kitchen. The 10-inch glass turntable provides flexibility in cooking and is easy to clean.

A 10-inch glass turntable and a bright digital display accompany this countertop microwave. Your satisfaction is ensured with our 1-year limited warranty.

  • 11 power levels
  • Multi dimension cooking control
  • 10 inch turntable
  • 1 year warranty
  • After six month plastic is coming off


The above list provides you with a collection of top rated mini microwaves of the present market. All of the above-discussed microwaves have their unique pros and cons. The choice will be based on your requirements and needs.

We have made sure to include everything you will need to make an informed decision while also providing you with enough information to allow you to effectively assess and analyze the various features that each of these models has on offer.

All in all, if you are looking for a good quality small microwave without a right, never buy any product without allowing yourself ample time to research your options, and this should be no exception.

In the end, a small microwave is one of those products that you can use everyday, so it is always ideal if you can find something which will meet all your needs while solving whatever problems you might be facing.

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