Top 20 Small Toasters at Affordable Prices for 2022

Have you ever struggled to fit a full-sized toaster in your kitchen? Not many of us have the luxury of a large kitchen, so you need a toaster that fits in it without taking up all the space when you do have one. If you’re like most, though, you probably already have a full-sized toaster that takes up a lot of valuable space in your kitchen. The best solution is to replace it with a small toaster or mini toaster. Small toasters are gaining popularity day by day. They can make toast within a short period. The toaster has been designed fascinatingly to fit into the small kitchens perfectly.



Product Name




Black Mini Toaster with 2 Slice Wide Slot


West Bend Produces Small Silver Toaster 


iSiLER Toaster with 1.3″ Slot and Double-sided Baking


CRUX Silver Colored Mini Toaster


Mini Toaster with Removable Tray by Schloß 


Oster Metallic Gray Tiny Toaster


Hamilton Beach Extra Wide Slot Black Tyni Toaster 


Brentwood Small Black Toaster Touch Buttons


Extra Wide Slot Toaster by Ultrean


See Through Window Small Toaster 

What makes a small toaster the best?

The best small toaster is an essential part of what you want: a small toaster that is inexpensive, efficient, easy to use, easy to clean, and of course, compact so that it won’t take up a lot of space in your kitchen. We’ve researched what makes a great small and mini toaster and found the best 20 affordable small toasters in the market.

Popup mini toasters:

When you think about toasters, you probably think about the big, black ones in your kitchen. However, there is a different type of toaster on the market that is aimed more towards the kitchen of a small business. They are called the popup toaster and are specially designed for toasting small pieces of bread or other products that you might find in a small business.

It is important to toast some bread to make a perfect breakfast. If you have a small kitchen space, you need to buy the best mini toasters. It can be a tough job for you to find the best mini toaster. In this article, we have researched many products, and we have selected the twenty best mini toasters for you. You can choose the best one for your small kitchen space.

Black Mini Toaster with 2 Slice Wide Slot

The AmazonBasics mini toaster has 6 shade settings so you can toast your bread just the way you like it. And with a 2-slice capacity, it’s great for smaller households or when you need just one slice of toast. This toaster features cool-touch sides and extra-wide slots. There are no worries about getting your fingers near the heat. And its compact size takes up minimal counter space while fitting neatly on any kitchen countertop.

There are six shade settings on this toaster: light, medium, dark, extra dark, and re-toasting. Additionally, it has a bagel button that only toasts the cut side of the bagel. It also comes with a defrost setting for frozen bread.

It also features a convenient extra liver that easily removes the small tiny pieces of bread. The 2-slice toaster comes with a 37-inch power cord, cord wrap, and removable crumb tray for convenience. Its buttons light up to indicate selected settings.

  • 6 shade settings
  • Bangle button for one side
  • Removable crumb tray
  • setting for defrosting bread
  • Turns bread into toast
  • New toaster has some offensive smell.
  • Can’t turn toast into bread

West Bend Produces Small Silver Toaster 

This toasts bread, buns, and English muffins. It features a lift lever, and it has a sliding open crumb tray that is used for small pieces of bread to ensure easy cleaning. Its extra-wide slots, adjustable toasting control, and dual control levers are designed to toast bagels, slices of bread, and thicker waffles.

The unique feature of this product is that it’s so fast that it produces a perfect toast within 90 seconds or even less time. Wide slot mini toaster is the best toaster for busy families and anyone who likes to make a wide variety of tasty breakfasts in a hurry. 

This toaster is easy to use and features 7 different settings, allowing you to toast bagels on one side or both sides at once, reheat pastries, and defrost frozen bread. It also has 2 separate control panels – one for regular toast and the other for bagel settings.

  • The toaster is absolutely “crumb-free”.
  • Absolutely fast toast Delivered in 90-seconds.
  • 7 Different setting options.
  • Bagel setting toasts one side
  • It smells like burning plastic the first 5 times.
  • Slight bend in the two grills that pinch the break while toasting.

iSiLER Toaster with 1.3″ Slot and Double-sided Baking

This extra-wide toaster comes with 2 extra-wide slots that measure 5.4″ × 1.3″ each, which can be used to toast 2 slices of bread at a time or even bigger items such as pastries and bagels. With a power output of 750W, you can get your breakfast ready in no time.

This ensures even browning with precise control. It can adjust the temperature, and 7 selectable browning levels ensure an optimal crispness for every type of bread.

The toaster is designed for you. It has to defrost and reheat modes that avoid burning the toast and hands while toasting. It also features easy cleaning to keep your kitchen clean and tidy.

It has reheat and defrosting functions that prevent over-browning or burning, which means you can enjoy perfect toast every time. The iSiLER mini toaster has a unique double-sided baking feature that allows you to make two different types of toast at once. It is easily cleaned as crumbs can be removed via the removable crumb tray.

  • Double side toasting
  • Wide opening
  • Easy cleaning
  • 7 different settings
  • Defrost setting to prevent over burning
  • Some larger size breads may be a tight fit.
  • It has a missing feature of one side toasting.

2 Slice Mini Toaster Made of Stainless Steel 

This mini toaster is a small, compact and stylish toaster made with hardened stainless steel. This 2 slice toaster can be used for both home and commercial use.

It is specially designed for thick and thin bagels, muffins, toast, or any other bread in the market. With its stylish design and durability, this toaster saves you money since it will last longer than ordinary toasters available on the market today.

This small toaster is made with superior quality touch buttons with led indicators for better performance. This toaster is perfect for small kitchens, offices, or college dorms. Its sleek design will complement any contemporary kitchen decor. With 7 shade settings, you can toast according to your taste and mood.

This is a mini toaster, but it is not small on features. It has many features that rival the big boys. The Small Toaster comes with extra-wide slots, making it easy to toast bagels or thick slices of bread. It’s also great for frozen waffles and pop-tarts.

  • 2 slice toaster
  • Automatic evenly fast toasting
  • Easy to clean and dry
  • 18/8 Food-grade Stainless Steel
  • None

2 Slice Long Slot Mini Toaster 6 Bread Shade Settings

Tired of your regular breakfast toast that stays cold? Look no further than this mini toaster with 6 bread shade settings. This high-temperature-resistant small toaster can toast even the thickest slices of bread evenly and brown on both sides. The built-in warming rack is designed to keep your toast warm and ready for you when you are done.

Toasting bread slices can’t get easier than this. The small toaster is a two-slice toaster with six shade settings. It comes with a cool wall feature that prevents the exterior surface from getting hot. The slots are long enough to accommodate bagels and thick pieces of bread.

Newly designed, smaller, and more efficient, the mini toaster features a longer slot design that will allow you to toast up to double the amount of bread. It has 6 bread shade settings that help change the toast from light to dark within very little time. The auto-shutoff feature is also there, which will automatically turn off the toaster after the toasting cycle is completed.

  • It has a warming rack that keeps toast warm.
  • Automatic pop up function
  • Removable tray
  • Multi-hole design on the bottom
  • The cord and the controls are on the same side
  • Slot could be either a little wider or deeper

Cuisinart Small Toaster Made of Plastic White Color

Cuisinart brings this compact toaster that can fit your countertops without taking much space. The toaster has two slots and can toast a maximum of four slices at a time. The defrost, cancel, and preheat option allows you to customize your slice of bread according to your preference.

With this small toaster, you can make various delicious snacks and breakfast foods. It features a manual lever that allows you to lower the bread into the slots, which automatically raises when toast is made. The dial has seven settings, allowing you to choose how dark or light you want the toast.

The toaster comes with large slots that allow users to toast various bread, bagels, and pastries. Moreover, the smooth operation lever helps you get your favorite food faster. This makes a perfect gift for friends and relatives obsessed with fresh bread or who love to snack on delicious bakery items.

  • 2 1.5-inch wide toasting slots
  • 7-setting shade
  • thick toasted bagel to snack on
  • 3 years warranty
  • this product is BPA free
  • No programming
  • no blue lights
  • no talking back to me

White 4-Slot Toaster from Amazon Basics

Whether you’re toasting breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the small toaster makes it easy to prepare your favorite toasties. The extra-wide bread keepers that help you adjust different sizes of bread from thick slices of artisan bread to fluffy English muffins and a cancel button with LED indicators allow you to stop the cycle mid-to-low browning levels so that your toast is golden brown on the outside and soft on the inside.

With this mini toaster from Amazon Basics, you can now toast 4 slices simultaneously and enjoy fresh, evenly toasted bread. The appliance comes with 6 browning settings, so you will be able to get your desired level of crispiness on each slice. 

It also has a defrost mode which is perfect for frozen bread. What’s more, it also has a quick-cancel function so you won’t have to wait around while it finishes its job.

A compact, space-saving toaster that fits bagels and other thick pieces of bread. The pop-up feature allows for easy operation, and the cool touch exterior keeps hands at safe distances while in use.

  • 4-slot toaster
  • 6 browning settings
  • Multifunctional controls Buttons
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Cord wrap keeps plug secure
  • Bangel diagram given is confusing
  • Medium toast is irrelevant with this

Nostalgia 2-Slice Tiny Toaster that is Great For You

Nostalgia’s tiny toaster is perfect for small kitchens and countertops. It’s great for families since it saves space and anyone who craves bold toasted bread from bagels to thick slices of bread and many more varieties.

It features large spaces just right for making toast of bagel halves and, much thicker slices of bread & more. The wide slots can accommodate almost any type of bread you want, toast-even artisanal loaves and specialty pieces of bread that may be too big to fit.

This small toaster perfect for bread is a modernized version of the retro toasters we all know and love. This two-slice toaster will quickly become your new favorite kitchen appliance. 

With its different browning levels, the opacity of your bread, while the cord in the bottom of the unit allows for easy and tidy storage of tiny pieces of bread. It also has a crumb tray that can easily be taken out to keep the small toaster clean and shining without any smell or fungus.

  • Lighted control buttons feature bagel, defrost
  • The 5 browning level
  • Cord storage in bottom
  • Costly a little bit
  • Cosmetic problem with some products

2 Slice Black Tiny Toaster with Extra Wide Slots

This 2 slices black toaster is the perfect addition to any kitchen. It can make your toast just the way you like it for a quick and delicious breakfast. The wide spaces can accommodate larger pieces of bread to help you adjust more varieties of pieces of bread, so there’s no need to turn them sideways.

It features six shade settings from light to dark, so you get just the right amount of browning on your toast, allowing you to enjoy a different treat every day. The cord storage underneath keeps the clutter off your countertop, while easy-to-use buttons help you make a tasty treat in minutes.

It has a 37-inch power cord. The toaster features a cancel function that allows you to stop the cycle mid-to-low heating, allowing you to check on your toast without burning it.

  • 37-inch power cord
  • 6 shade settings
  • Bagel setting for toasting just the cut side
  • Removable lever for smaller pieces
  • Only single sided
  • Missing functionality of dual bread toasting

Auto Shutoff Small Toaster By Hamilton Beach

Your favorite bagel or thick-cut bread is perfect for this Auto Shutoff Small Toaster. These 2 slice toasters feature extra-wide slots to accommodate thick-cut bread, bagels, and other items you wish to toast. 

The easy-to-read digital countdown timer allows you to heat up without having to hover over it, while the convenient auto-shutoff prevents burning.

Hamilton Beach has brought you a toaster that will make your breakfast experience worth remembering. The auto shutoff small toaster does not require any supervision as it automatically turns off once the toast is made. This small kitchen appliance will make your mornings much easier.

The toaster comes with a unique cord storage feature that keeps it plugged in and out of the way, making cleanup easy and safe and keeping counter space clear.

  • Extra-wide 2 slots
  • convenient toast shade selector
  • Multitask without worrying about leaving breads
  • Keep cords under wraps
  • Toast boosting technology
  • Not work well with English Muffins.

Extra Wide Slot Toaster by Ultrean

It is a mini toaster with wide and long slots. The extra wide Slot Toaster has been designed with care using the best stainless steel that features a clean and secure cooking experience. The small toaster is designed with heat insulation around its body to prevent scalding hands.

One of the biggest toaster features is a wide slot, which can keep different slices of bread. It’s easy to use, just put your bread in, push it down to start it, and then wait for perfect toast.

You can enjoy perfect toast every time with the small toaster. It’s extra-wide spaces that fit bagels, larger breeds, and all kinds of other toasting needs. It has a high-lift feature for easy removal. Ultrean takes pride in bringing you the best quality kitchenware products on the market. Perfectly browned every time.

The extra-wide slot toaster has thicker, wider slots. It can easily and perfectly fit any shape and size of bread slices. The extra-wide slots ensure that your favorite bread toasts evenly on all sides, giving you excellent results each time.

  • 100% Satisfaction Service
  • Easy to Clean & Store
  • 6 Browning Settings
  • 1.5 in / 3.9 cm
  • 2 Slice Toaster
  • Cheap plastic knobs

Brentwood Small Black Toaster Touch Buttons

This is the perfect small toaster for your kitchen with a cool-looking and very simple design. The high lift function makes it easy for you to retrieve even the smallest slices of bread from the bottom, while its compact size will suit any countertop.

Six different levels of toast can be selected with the small toaster. It provides a cool touch with its stylish look, and a lift tries to clean and keep the small tiny pieces of bread.

This small toaster comes with touch buttons, making it more convenient to use and allowing you to clean easily. The crumb tray is easy to remove for cleaning as well. It has cord storage, so your countertop will always stay tidy.

  • Toast Bread, Pastries, Waffles,
  • 6 Shade Settings
  • Cool-Touch Housing
  • Easy to Clean
  • 1 Year Manufacturer
  • Cheap quality

Elite Gourmet Long Slot Mini Toaster with 6 Settings

Elite Gourmet is the leader in commercial toasters for restaurants and hotels. We have a toaster that will fit your specific needs with a wide selection of sizes and designs. Our innovative design allows you to toast more than just bread – from Texas Toast to bagels, and you can toast it all with this tiny toaster.

This small toaster is a compact and trendy-looking toaster that can toast 2 slices of bread at a time. It has a long slot of 1.75 inches, which gives enough room to accommodate thick slices of bread. This product comes with an auto pop-up function that lifts the toast once it gets done. You also get 6 different temperature settings, so you can make your toast just the way you like it.

Crust and debris can easily be cleaned from the bottom of the mini toaster. By compressing the lever, the lever automatically grabs the bread, allowing it to be centered so that each side gets an evenly toasted crust.

  • Fit extra thick slices
  • Perfect browning shade for your bread
  • Easily reheat and warm
  • 2 handles and both are on opposite sides

Hamilton Beach Extra Wide Slot Black Tyni Toaster 

This toaster is perfect for toasting artisan bread, Texas toast, English muffins, bagels, and other breakfast favorites. The wide space fits a different variety of foods for added convenience.

The black tyni toaster is a toast boost feature that makes toasting easier and quicker. This feature can be helpful when removing smaller bread sizes from the toaster.

It is designed with extra-wide slots to toast bagels or thick slices of bread. This 2 slice toaster also has a nice lever that makes removing small items easy, and the removable crumb tray makes cleanup quick and easy.

  • High volume slots to fit larger slices
  • Bagel and defrost setting
  • High-lift toast boost
  • Adjustable shade selector
  • Crumb tray
  • Hard to pop up ahead of time
  • It is lightweight

See Through Window Small Toaster 

The small toaster with an open view window lets you monitor your bagels, toast, and other baked goods without interrupting the cooking process. It comes with 7 levels of browning defrost, reheat, and bagel buttons that let you make your breakfast more diverse.

This toaster comes with an open view to make the perfect toast with every use. Additionally, the auto-shutoff feature helps prevent overheating. The cord that protects cabinets wraps around to avoid injuries.

The glass window and crumb tray slide open to allow for quick and simple cleaning to allow you to have a delicious slice of toast every time. A perfect wedding or home-based gift, its tiny size will take up small counter space. The owner provides a one-year guarantee to eliminate trust problems.

  • Touch buttons diversify your breakfast
  • 7 shading levels
  • Crumb tray and glass window
  • A year warranty
  • Clear view window
  • It will literally throw the toast at you
  • Pop-up can be rather vigorous

Oster Metallic Gray Tiny Toaster

The small toaster is designed with automatic bread guides that can be adjusted to ensure consistent toasting and even toasting each time. It is constructed with two extra-wide slots to accommodate a range of bread varieties such as bagels and gourmet pieces of bread.

The Oster 2 slice toaster is the perfect kitchen companion for easy and delicious toast, bagels, and more. The toaster features a stylish metallic gray finish that complements any style or color scheme in your home.

It boasts advanced toast technology for even toasting every time and auto-adjusting bread guides for consistent results with all types of bread. This traditional toaster also features removable crumb trays for convenient cleanup.

For thick bread and bagels, it offers extra-wide slots. The lever lifts toast out of the slot for easy retrieval while preventing fingers from being burned.

  • Auto-adjusting bread guides
  • Made with 2 extra-wide slots
  • 7 toast shade settings
  • Large bread do not fit properly

Elite Gourmet with Extra Wide White Mini Toaster 

This toaster has 1.25-inch wide slots so that you can toast those bagels and specialty pieces of bread to perfection. The shade selector allows you to choose from light to dark with six settings in between. Whether you like your toast light and fluffy or dark and crisp, you’re sure to find a setting that’s perfect for your taste.

You will enjoy it and find it convenient. There is a drop-down crumb tray for easy cleaning and a canceling/stopping feature. Self-centering guides ensure even toasting.

This mini toaster is the perfect companion for your family kitchen. It makes toasting easier and helps in making delicious breakfast sandwiches in no time at all. 

The self-centering guides allow even and consistent toasting on both sides of two slices of bread. It also has a drop-down crumb collecting tray for convenient cleaning, and there are high lift levers also included for easy removal of small items like croutons from the toaster.

  • Extra wide 1. 25-inch slots
  • Six adjustable toast
  • Drop down crumb tray
  • 2 Slice Toaster
  • Numbers are hard to see to choose toasting time

Extra Wide Slot Small Toaster By Hamilton Beach

This small toaster features extra-wide slots and a high-lift carriage to accommodate even the thickest slices of bread. Easily see the toast shade setting thanks to the high-contrast LED display.

This extra-large slot slice toaster fits the big stuff, so now you can make breakfast for your family just like mom used to. Extra-wide slots easily accommodate bagels, muffins, and even artisan pieces of bread. The high-lift lever raises bread to an extra 4-1/2″ out of the slots for easy removal.

This toaster is designed with a wider slot that can accommodate thicker breads and bagels, while an advanced lift feature helps you easily remove smaller items without burning your fingers.

With extra-wide slots, this toaster is the perfect choice for toasting bagels, Texas toast, and oversized slices of bread. To ensure your safety, you can stop toasting at any time by pressing the cancel button.

  • Stainless Steel toaster
  • 2 Slice toaster
  • It also have a toast boost feature
  • toaster has a bagel function
  • Only onside toaster

Mini Toaster with Removable Tray by Schloß 

The toaster has 4 slots that can handle 2 slices of bread. It also has 2 additional racks that can hold your bread while it is toasted and keep them warm until you are ready to eat. These racks can be removed if desired by the user.

Toast the way you like it, every time you like it. The schloss mini toaster allows you to customize your toasting experience with its extra-wide slots (1.57″ / 3.75cm) that allows users to fit in two slices of bread at once and provides even browning and ease cleaning. 

An easy-to-clean crumb tray is included, and the auto-adjusting guides automatically adjust themselves according to the thickness of the bread slice for evenly browned toast every time.

An adjustable browning level and crumb tray are both included in this compact toaster. It comes with a cord wrap on the bottom to make it easier and faster for you to store the toaster away. The schloß mini toaster adds convenience to any kitchen and can be used with pieces of bread, pastries, bagels, and more.

  • 1.57″ Extra Wide 4 Toasting Slots
  • 2 Bread Warmer Racks
  • Double Zone Separately Control
  • 6 Adjustable Toasting
  • Little too industrial looking for me
  • Outside of the toaster can get very hot

CRUX Silver Colored Mini Toaster

The Crux toaster will make a great addition to your morning routine. This toaster is made of stainless steel and has 6 independent shade settings and an extra-wide space that can accommodate all kinds of pieces, including bagels.

The Crux small toaster by Breville is a compact 4 slice toaster with multiple features which will make breakfast a breeze. The appliance is made from stainless steel, and the appliance features high lift levers, a cool wall design, and six browning settings to customize each setting for the perfect toast.

This new toaster has a premium, modern design that will be the perfect addition to your kitchen. The cool touch exterior and unique stainless steel finish will make this kitchen accessory stand out in any kitchen. Whether you like your bread lightly toasted or dark, with the push of a button, you can have it just the way you want at the touch of a button.

  • 1500-watt toaster
  • 4 slices of bread
  • Anti-Jam design
  • Easy cleaning
  • Designed in NYC
  • Spot of white paint on the heat adjustment knob


In many houses, only a few members eat breakfast, hence, a large toaster or a big oven is not necessary. A small toaster or a small oven can make brown toast for a few people. The toaster is very compact and is easily available on the market. It has a compact design and is available at an affordable price. It is made of high-quality material so that it lasts for many years. The toasters are available on the market in many different colors and shapes. An individual can choose one based on personal choices. The toaster can make a person’s breakfast more delicious. The toaster is very easy to use.

Toasters are one of the most important kitchen appliances. They are designed in a way that they can heat the bread and toast it. Without the toaster, you can’t have bread at all. There are different types of toasters on the market. If you don’t have a small toaster, you can buy a toaster online. It is for sure that you can find a toaster that will perfectly fit into your kitchen and will make toasting bread easy.

It is no more a big deal to have a small kitchen. Small toasters are the best solution to having toast in a small kitchen space. They are reliable and can be the best option for living in small apartments. You can buy the small toasters online and make your kitchen look even more beautiful. 

Thank you for reading the article. We hope that we have given you complete information about top brands and toasters that might suits your requirements, if you have any question regarding this product please leave a comment below thank you.

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